Monday, April 20, 2009

What are the Keys to Network Marketing Success?

"What Are The Keys to Network Marketing Success in the Current Phase of the Internet?"

The present state of the internet requires that network marketing mature. In order for a network marketing business opportunity to succeed there must be a synergy among the participants.

"Is there the ability to copy success?"

Massive success is possible for individuals, in order to grow a wildly profitable network marketing business the process must be able to be duplicated by anyone coming into the business.

Many people who enter the field of internet network marketing as complete newbies find that the learning curve is steep.

You need to master or at least have a grasp of the many aspects of building a business online. For some this may include learning even basic business skills, as for many it is the first time starting a business of any kind.

In addition the first few years in any new business a rocky time, this holds true for network marketing businesses.

Network marketing continues to hold promise for many because it is based on working with and helping others for mutual benefit.

People who are attracted to your offers may be looking for the benefits that the products provide, or they may be looking to build a business. Either way you are a solution provider. By creating a Win/Win situation you open the way for greater abundance for yourself and your downline.

The old ways of competing with your fellow marketers have to make way for the more positive paradigm of building a network marketing business: Cooperation leading to success for all.

"From Scarcity to Abundance Consciousness"

As marketers we have to finally learn the lesson that there is more than enough (leads, sales, etc.) to go around, and figure out ways to leverage the abilities of our teammates for mutual benefit.

The keys to success in a network marketing business opportunity :

1)The more people the opportunity can benefit, the greater the the scope of success.
2)Find and work with people who play at what you work at.

Learn more about applying these techniques to your network marketing business opportunity and get on track to the future that you desire.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Portal Feeder Doors are Opening!

Today's the day folks.

The doors to Portal Feeder are finally opening!

If you are serious about mastering the internet marketing techniques
that will make your business the success that you have dreamed about, get into Portal Feeder while you have the chance.

Scroll down on this blog to learn more if you don't already know what Portal Feeder is and what it can do for your internet properties.

Then get in there, they don't open often and places are limited.

Last minute bonus:

I'm happy to help you get familiar with the site through a one on one call, if you sign up through this blog.

To your internet success!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who Cares About John Galt?

There has been a lot of press lately about the Ayn Rand character John Galt. Some of the "productive" members of society are feeling like they should not be penalized for the lack of effort of others who are less successful.

They are calling for a slow down of productivity. Just as in Atlas Shrugged when the top producers all left to form their own country.

If the "top producers" wish to slow down, all the better for the people with drive to take their place.

In general, despite the state of the economy, there are many opportunities for those who have their eyes open to the possibilities.

For example, now is an excellent time to get into the field of internet marketing. An online business is easy to run in your spare time and requires little start up cash.

It is known by the successful that it is necessary to create multiple income streams, and learning how to make money online is a great way to accomplish that.

The best way to create success is to model the success of others. This can be done by getting training, and following the advice of successful marketers.

The online community of Portal Feeder is a great place to get the knowledge that you need. Portal Feeder is the complete package, because not only do you get the training needed to succeed in today's online market, you get little known of tools that can make the difference in your online business!

They rarely open the doors to Portal Feeder, and when they do the places are limited, so be sure to get on the notification list today!

The doors will be opening soon....

Will you be ready?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Looking for a Real Internet Business Opportunity? Occupy the City can Help

If you have ever looked into starting a internet business opportunity you probably have discovered the difficulty of getting everything done yourself.

One thing about starting marketing on the internet, is that it is great to have support.
The real way to succeed in a any business is to have teams of people, so that their individual strengths can combine and overcome any one person's weaknesses.
By working within teams it is possible to utilize the current skill sets of members, while you learn even more to promote your business to take to to the next level.

The Occupy the City is unique in it's ability to provide the elusive quality of synergy to anyone interested in building a truly successful home based business.
As members we realize that to succeed with any home business opportunity requires work, dedication, and commitment.
As a group we are able have more of an impact on line. There are amazing benefits of working within teams.

"Work smart AND hard to get even more done."

The feeling of accountability that this community fosters is what I have found to be the most valuable.
For someone starting a new business it is nice to know that there are others working with you, instead of it being you floating alone in the vast ocean of the internet.
It also encourages me to work hard so that I might be an example for my fellow marketers.

"For Success Find A Guide"

With Occupy the City you have the guidance and mentoring of experienced marketers from diverse fields of business, including internet marketing, and network marketing.
The training that is provided covers internet marketing techniques such as Article Marketing, and Blogging.
Each member is set up with a personal blog to develop and grow. Then we are able to apply Web2.0 marketing techniques to promote it.

To create success the importance of a mentor should not be overlooked. I often feel they are shining the light on the path to success.

Leveraging abilities

There are many skill sets necessary to succeed in network marketing.
Phone phobia or sick of dialing for dollars? Not any longer, if you do not want to the pick up the phone you do not have to. There are plenty of online tasks that can keep you as far away form the phone as you wish.
The sales team does what they do best and enjoy doing; contacting and following up with the qualified prospects that we attract online.

Network marketing Success- the full package, long term

Occupy the City has the ability to be your network marketing downline building system. By providing people the knowledge that they need to be successful in network marketing online, we are building teams for long term success.

This is not the "no work and get rich quick downline building system". We are each committed to putting all of our resources and abilities on the table to create massive success for the community. We work hard because we want to play hard.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What is Portal Feeder and What Can it Do for Your Internet Business?

"Free Internet Business: Fact or Fiction?"

If you have ever considered a a start in internet business, you no doubt have seen the offers of free businesses in a box, or the next greatest product to give you instant results online.

It can become a chronic condition: you open your email, see the next big launch for the newest product to hit the web, so you drop everything you are doing and grab the free info. Only to see how much better the full paid version is, you might even buy it.
Do you ever get around to fully utilizing it? Or does it sit on your hard drive taking up memory?

I finally found the solution, and broke this cycle. I found top quality training and started using it to promote my internet home business opportunity. I stopped reading and reacting to each and every email from affiliates marketing the recent launch of "Google Hits" or whatever it is this season.

"Baby Stepping to Success"

I found ways to focus on the small steps that will have a cumulative effect on my business. The best online businesses are based on "white hat" techniques. Google and the public are getting smarter and savvier all the time. What works one month as an exploitation of a loop hole in the search engines, will certainly not continue to work over time.
It is a more than a pain and an inconvenience to rebuild your business every time Google is overhauled.

What Portal Feeder is not:

Portal feeder is not for the the get rich quick seekers. It is for anyone ready to build a real internet based business. It requires commitment and is an investment in yourself and your future. Each month of membership that I pay I look at as an investment in my ongoing internet marketing education.

Information that is hard to find anywhere else is found here, along with the support of internet marketing experts that are ready to answer your questions about all aspects of website business and internet marketing promotion.

These experts are constantly exploring new techniques to make sure that members stay on top of current trends and sites. Also we are regularly treated to new innovations to make the creation of web properties much, much easier.

  • Imagine that instead of paying for innovations in internet marketing promotion that you won't be sure will work, getting your hands on programs that can skyrocket you to the top of any niche.
  • Imagine not having to search the web for products to make your life easier. When instead you can have access to a complete suite of exclusive programs to build your internet based business.
  • Imagine yourself finally having the guidance and inside knowledge of what sites to use on the internet for promotion and how to use them effectively to your advantage.

"Who else wants online small business success?"

The number one step to online small business success is to get on track and stay focused. Portal Feeder can help you do this. You no longer have to jump from offer to offer, hoping something will eventually work.

"Newbie or Expert, Something for Everyone"

As an internet marketing newbie it may seem like tons of stuff to get caught up with. It is easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily within the member area there are fast start trainings in place to get you going in record time.

If you are an experienced marketer, once you take a look you can't help but to see the value of traffic generating services to your internet based business.

Be sure to place yourself on the early notification list for when they open the doors again. It will be soon, and you really don't want to miss this.
Place yourself in the position to make 2009 the year of your internet business success!